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      ClearFab Manufacturing

      A Canadian Manufacturer of Agricultural Products

      We Ship Across Canada And The USA

      See Our Products Below

      Free Standing Panels

      Windbreak Panels

      Cattle Oilers

      Shelters & Barns

      Solar Powered Waterers

      Fenceline & Silage Bunk Feeders


      Why People contact us first!
      We take great pride in giving our customers a product that will suit their every need, built with old country craftsmanship.

      Contact Henry for a FREE QUOTE

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      Shipped to your door Across Canada And The USA

      ClearFab Manufacturing scope of business:

      • Canadian Steel Products

      • Agricultural Steel Products USA

      • Steel Gates

      • Cattle Oilers

      • Steel Fences

      • Free Standing Fence Panels Canada & USA

      • Agricultural Windbreaks Canada & USA

      • Steel Windbreak Frames Canada & USA

      • Agricultural waterers

      • Solar Powered Waterers Canada & USA

      • Cattle Feeders Canada & USA

      • Fence line Feeders

      • Horse Pens

      • Steel Horse Corrals Canada

      • Portable Agricultural Sheds

      • Portable Calf Sheds

      • Barn Construction

      • Portable Feeders Canada

      • Free Standing Fence Panels

      • Fenceline Feeders Canada

      • Free Standing Panels Canada

      • Free Standing Panels Alberta

      • Horse Corrals

      • Free Standing Panels Peace River Country

      Businesses We Recommend

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